The Miami Heat have a lot of crucial decisions to make over the next week, one of them deciding whether to re-sign guard Kendrick Nunn. With Nunn and Duncan Robinson being restricted free agents and the team being on the hunt for a permanent point guard solution, it’s reasonable to think a core piece of the last two years will depart Miami this offseason.

Nunn is a scorer. Across his two seasons with the Heat, he averaged a combined 15.0 points and three assists per game while shooting 45.8 percent from the field and 36.4 percent from beyond the arc as a primary starter.

Nunn is a plausible shooter who’s adept at creating his own shot and scoring off the dribble. He’s one of the more intriguing free agents this offseason, as he can be an embedded aspect of an up-and-coming team and is likely to receive an eight figure payday.

Here are three ideal free agent destinations for Kendrick Nunn


3) New Orleans Pelicans

With Eric Bledsoe traded and free agent Lonzo Ball likely a goner, the Pelicans could use another backcourt player. Kendrick Nunn is an enticing option for first-year head coach Willie Green.

New Orleans’ frontcourt is formidable. With the likes of Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and Jonas Valanciunas present, the Pelicans’ focus should be on getting the proper guards present to complement their stacked frontcourt. Nunn offers the Pelicans an efficient shooter and capable scorer who can get the ducks in a row.

With Williamson and Ingram scoring in a multitude of ways, Nunn wouldn’t be the focal point of defensive attention. He’d have plenty of clean looks from the perimeter and a handful of viable options in pick-and-roll and/or traditional halfcourt sets to get the ball to for an easy bucket. Nunn could be the missing link for the Pelicans and provide young guards like Kira Lewis Jr. and Nickeil Alexander-Walker more time to develop.

On the other hand, the Pelicans may prefer to spend their coin on a veteran guard or outside shooters. Furthermore, Lewis and Alexander-Walker should have bright futures, and the addition of a fellow youngster could hinder their chances of being NOLA’s backcourt of the future.