According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the Brooklyn Nets have agreed to find big man Paul Millsap a new team where he can have a “greater contribution.” Millsap has fallen out of favor in head coach Steve Nash’s rotation, where he has held down a minimal rotation role.

Although he’s in the midst of the least productive season of his NBA career, Millsap still brings an effective skill set to the table. He defends well, can play in the post and occasionally stretch the floor. In all likelihood, Millsap will want to play for a contending team given him being 36.

Meanwhile, the Nets likely won’t get anything more than an expiring contract and/or a second-round draft selection for the veteran, which keeps the door open for a buyout. With that in mind, here are three ideal destinations for Paul Millsap.

3) Paul Millsap gives the Miami Heat frontcourt depth

The Heat have been getting surprisingly plausible production from their bench. At the same time, there are two factors working against head coach Erik Spoelstra’s team: injuries and age. Bam Adebayo recently nursed a thumb injury. Markieff Morris has missed the last month due to a spine issue. Victor Oladipo is yet to play this season. Miami could use more depth.

Millsap offers a healthy body who gives the Heat a much-needed productive big man that can play 15-plus minutes per game and start if injuries force their hand. Millsap can score in the halfcourt, which is where the Heat have traditionally found success over the last three seasons.

  • Paul Millsap stats (2021-22): 3.4 points and 3.7 rebounds per game while shooting 37.6/22.2/70.6

Millsap, a capable shooter, would be joining and further enhancing one of the better shooting teams in the NBA. Sure, he, in thought, continues the age and fear of injury for this roster. On the other hand, he’s a cheap way for the Heat to add another proven player to a team with championship aspirations. The more, the merrier.