The Los Angeles Dodgers were expected to advance deep into the postseason because of the amount of talent they have on their roster. Over the past couple of seasons, the trend has been toward an NLCS appearance at the very least, but they were eliminated in the NLDS by the San Diego Padres. As that came as a massive shock, their organization is focused on retooling their lineup in this 2023 off-season amid a scintillating MLB free agency period.

Clayton Kershaw is the first individual who is returning to Los Angeles, as he will likely retire as a Dodger already. However, the likes of Trea Turner, Andrew Heaney, and Justin Turner are all in the market for other teams to chase as well. With the Dodgers’ front office prioritizing bolstering their team, there are still some players to avoid who may hinder their progression. It does not necessarily mean they are washed or must be out of the league, but the fit may just be a bit off in Los Angeles.


Aroldis Chapman

One category where the Dodgers struggled mightily is their unreliable arms from the bullpen. In a couple of their losses to the Padres, it was their bullpen that could not hold the lead against the young San Diego squad. The Kenley Jansen departure was more magnified during the postseason, but searching for a contingency plan and adding an arm like Aroldis Chapman will not be a suitable answer.

The talent is unquestioned for Chapman due to his previous stints with the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, and New York Yankees, but there have been a plethora of off-field issues that have been affecting his production. Furthermore, the inconsistency of his control has caused the Yankees to lose critical games as he cannot throw strikes with either his fastball or off-speed pitches.