In the NBA, there are often times where former teammates reunite in free agency. Players generally keep in touch with one another throughout the season, and we've seen times where two players decide to join the same team.

Kawhi Leonard is a two-time champion and two-time Finals MVP, and he has a lot of former teammates that have loved playing with him. Perhaps some of them would like to join him on the Los Angeles Clippers, provided that he returns to the team in free agency. Evan Desai of Clipperholics listed three former teammates that could potentially aid the Clippers if they joined up with their current roster. The first name on the list is Patty Mills, who could potentially be a great backup point guard.

Point guard Patty Mills plays a position that the LA Clippers could potentially need next year.

We don’t know if we can bring Reggie Jackson back. He played so well in the postseason that he’ll almost certainly be very expensive.

If we bring back Kawhi (which I think we will), Patty Mills is a solid option to target if Jackson is out of the picture.

Mills played with Leonard for eight seasons in San Antonio, and has always been a great shooter.

The second former teammate that Desai lists is forward Danny Green, whom Kawhi Leonard played with both on the Toronto Raptors and the San Antonio Spurs. There is no doubt that Green's shooting fits in with the Clippers.