Now that the Indiana Pacers are transitioning into a full-on rebuild, they’ll look to test the trade market with some of their biggest assets.

With the Pacers making franchise cornerstones Domantas Sabonis, Caris LeVert and Myles Turner available for trade, there shouldn’t be any shortage of suitors that’ll come calling. As they aim to build their next title contender from scratch, the team will have some big decisions ahead of them.

Considering that a few superstars are already holding out due to internal issues with their current team, this may prove to be a simpler process than the Pacers realize. While they continuously take a free fall in the Eastern Conference standings, it’s imperative that they strike while the iron’s hot.

That being said, we’ll breakdown the three players the Pacers must trade for to kickstart their rebuild.


3. Ben Simmons 

This move might be a long shot for the Pacers, but it is definitely a trade scenario worth exploring as he’d be the perfect young talent that they could build the team around. Under the guidance of NBA champion and world class head coach Rick Carlisle, Ben Simmons could develop into a well-rounded two-way stud that would reinvent himself as one of the league’s best players.

His defensive prowess and facilitating are by far his best qualities, and if they can surround him with elite scorers and an athletic supporting cast, then this could wind up being a very successful marriage. In their continued search for promising young talent who’s game they could groom and develop, Simmons would be an ideal candidate to become the next face of their franchise.