A Mike Conley trade deadline deal is one of the most likely moves to happen before the February 9 cutoff. The Utah Jazz started the season on fire, looking like a legit playoff team. However, two five-game losing streaks in December brought them back to earth, and the Jazz currently sits in 10th in the Western Conference. This means the Jazz are now sellers at the deadline, and a Jazz trade of veterans who aren’t in the long-term plans is likely.

Mike Conley is the most likely player to get shipped out of Salt Lake City at this point. Conley is 35 years old, so he won’t be around for the Jazz rebuild. However, he is still playing good basketball and could help a contending team. With that in mind, here are the three best 2023 NBA trade deadline destinations for the Jazz veteran.


Los Angeles Lakers

The 2022 NBA season has really been all about a Russell Westbrook trade. Leading into the season it was about the Lakers trading him, and then he played better, and it was about the Lakers not trading him, and now, as the 2023 NBA trade deadline approaches, it’s once again about if the Lakers can trade him.

With half of the NBA season left, Westbrook now has more value as a massive expiring contract. A team like the Jazz, which wants to continue with a large-scale rebuild, can afford to send a bunch of starters and role players to a team like the Lakers.

This trade would be Mike Conely, Malik Beasley, and Kelly Olynyk for Russell Wilson and a top-three protected 2027 first-round pick.