With the Houston Rockets failing to advance beyond the second round for the first time in the Russell Westbrook-James Harden backcourt, the second year in a row, and the third time in four years, it is clear that the “small ball” philosophy the franchise has been built around does not work when push comes to shove in the playoffs.

Now the franchise needs to look to see where they go from here. The first step has already been done, with head coach Mike D’Antoni and the Rockets mutually deciding to go in another direction. Now the franchise needs to find a new head coach as well as looking to see how to improve the franchise on the floor.

While in an ideal world the Rockets would like to keep Westbrook, he appears to be the odd man out in Houston and will be used as trade capital in an effort to get over the hump in Houston. Now the question is where will the Rockets get the most for the 31-year old star?

Philadelphia 76ers

Ah the Philadelphia 76ers, the team that is in the reverse position of the Rockets. The Sixers are a team that has a dynamic duo of big men in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons but don’t have many pieces around them. While the likelihood of the Sixers trading Embiid or Simmons is small, if one of those two want out of Philadelphia and the Rockets come calling they may be willing to deal.