The Toronto Raptors are rumored to be shopping All-Star forward Pascal Siakam as it looks to transition into a youth movement. While Siakam is still a young 27-years old, he is arguably Toronto’s top asset that could net them with the most value in a trade. Teams looking to shake things up will definitely welcome the idea of adding skilled and versatile power forward like Spicy P.

With that, here are the viable trades the Raptors can pull off for Pascal Siakam.


Potential Pascal Siakam Trades

3. Trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves desperately want to make the postseason in order to keep Karl-Anthony Towns happy. Adding a player of Siakam’s caliber to the core of Towns, D’Angelo Russell, and Anthony Edwards could put them in prime position to fight for a playoff berth.

In a trade with Minnesota, the Raptors would acquire a package centered around Malik Beasley and Jarrett Culver. The Timberwolves will likely need to add a couple of future first round picks to entice Toronto to pull off this deal. While letting go of a former All-Star starter like Pascal Siakam would sting, this is perhaps a good way for them to kickstart a rebuild, especially after taking Scottie Barnes with the no. 4 overall pick.

They get a solid 20-point scorer in Beasley and a former no. 6 overall pick in Culver, who hasn’t quite panned out just yet in his first two NBA seasons. Nonetheless, Culver is still just 22-years old and could become a reclamation project in Toronto. The Raptors are known for their youth development and it’s possible that they could eventually bring out the best in the Texas Tech standout.