The Silver Slugger Award is MLB's much younger counterpart to the Gold Glove. Whereas the Gold Glove has been given to the best defensive player at each position in both leagues since 1957, the Silver Slugger has been given the best hitter at each position in each league, beginning in 1980. 

Silver Sluggers are still voted on by managers and coaches, so unfortunately you don't get to blame the media for any missteps. It should be noted that, like all awards, these are regular season awards. Not only does the postseason not count, but it would've been impossible to include it, given that all ballots must be handed in before the playoffs start. 

The individual record for Silver Sluggers is 12 (Barry Bonds, LF) with Mike Piazza (10, catcher) Alex Rodriguez (seven at shortstop and three at third base) and Barry Larkin (nine, shortstop) following.