With the draft roughly two weeks away, and teams locked down in meetings to finalize evaluations and set their boards, I figured I'd take my first shot at figuring out the top 10.

Obviously much could change between now and when these picks are made, and as always, my one-and-only mock draft won't come out until draft day, but I have been in contact with a number of execs picking in the top 10 and many agents for top prospects and things seem to be coming into focus, somewhat at least.

Here is what I am thinking:

1) Jacksonville – Trevor Lawrence. Duh.

2) N.Y. Jets – Zach Wilson. Double duh.

3) San Francisco – Mac Jones. I'll go with the conventional groupthink here for this exercise.

4) TRADE New England – Trey Lance. The Falcons might not want to go down to the mid-teens, but then again with such a premium on offensive players they should still get a blue chip defender in the Pats' spot, plus amass much-needed draft capital for their version of a rebuild-on-the-fly with new management lacking in surplus picks. The hoody gets his QB.