The Raiders and 49ers had similar 2017 seasons. They were so alike, in fact, that it took a coin toss to decide NFL draft order. It was more of a production than Kyle Shanahan and Jon Gruden would’ve liked, broadcast live on NFL Network during the combine.

Rod Woodson was in charge of the flip, which fell in the 49ers’ favor. It seemed overblown at the time, but it ultimately determined Mike McGlinchey ended up in Santa Clara over Alameda.

There will be no coin flip to separate the Bay Area teams if they continue to struggle. Strength of schedule is the tiebreaker, meaning the 49ers currently sit atop the draft order after whooping the Raiders head to head.

The Raiders have the No. 2 overall pick, as it stands today. That’s a key phrase if the NFL’s two-win teams — the Raiders, 49ers and Cardinals — continue to lose.

The Raiders play a daunting slate down the stretch, meaning their strength of schedule should go up and they easily could slip to third if wins remain equal.

The Cardinals have the easiest slate from here on out, so they could end up with the top spot. All three teams still are working hard to win games, though they’ve been hard to find unless playing each other.