Is it too early to say the Detroit Lions are legitimate contenders, or did Monday’s win over the Giants show something is real about this team? If it feels like we keep moving the goalposts on the Lions, it’s because we do. Beating the Arizona Cardinals was nice, but Carson Palmer is old and David Johnson didn’t play the entire game. Go on the road, beat a desperate New York Giants team on Monday night and then we can talk. Oh, you beat the Giants by two touchdowns? Yeah, well Odell Beckham Jr. wasn’t at full strength and it’s pretty obvious that Eli Manning is a shell of his former self. This Sunday, the defending NFC champions come to town at full strength. Beat them, and then we can talk. All of this is preposterous. The Lions are 2-0 precisely because they’ve easily been the better team in their first two wins. Wins, by the way, that came against two teams that certainly had playoff aspirations and both of which were betting favorites when the games began. In addition to the standings, which actually mean something when it comes to determining playoff position, we now have weekly power polls from virtually every website in America, including the one that you’re currently reading. The polls vary on the Lions from the low to mid-teens. A couple that I read actually had them dropping after their convincing win on Monday night. That just furthers the argument they’ll have to beat the Falcons to prove their 2-0 record is more about them and less about the teams they’re beating.