POSITION Quarterback DEPTH CHART - C.J. Brown - Caleb Rowe or Perry Hills - Shane Cockerille GET TO KNOW: STARTER C.J. Brown is back for a sixth season after receiving a waiver from the NCAA. He fought through injuries last season, including suffering a concussion against Florida State and being banged up with core and lower-body injuries. On the year, he finished 2,242 yards passing and 13 touchdowns while throwing seven interceptions. He also rushed for 576 yards and 12 touchdowns. In 2014, he will be at the core of Maryland’s zone-read offense. With the collection of players Maryland has assembled at the skill positions, the most important thing will be the team’s ability to protect him. More time in the pocket or open running lanes means success. Less of that means more injuries. A healthy C.J. Brown means a healthy Maryland offense. Need proof? All 12 of Brown's rushing touchdowns came in either weeks 1-4 or weeks 10-12. Those were the two stretches of time in which he was fully healthy. When he can effectively run the zone-read, it opens up the passing game for Diggs, Long, Levern Jacobs, and others. GET TO KNOW: BACKUPS Caleb Rowe filled in as well as head coach Randy Edsall likely could have asked when Brown was injured in 2013. In his two starts, he led Maryland to a narrow win over Virginia, then kept it close with a tough Clemson team until the end. He finished with 989 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions. Throughout the season, Edsall said Perry Hills was still working back to full strength in all facets of his game after tearing his ACL in the fall of 2012. The spring will afford him an opportunity to go head-to-head with Rowe, the player with whom he is listed as a co-backup. Shane Cockerille played well on Maryland’s scout team in the fall. He is a lefty who could be an asset in the zone-read in the future