2011/2012 Regular Season W/L Record: 25 - 41

2012/2013 Regular Season W/L Record: 29 - 53

Additions: Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, Luigi Datome, Chauncey Billups, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Subtractions: Brandon Knight, Jose Calderon, Jason Maxiell

If things go well...

They will get back to the playoffs and while they may not be ready to go deep, they have the pieces in place defensively to ensure teams don’t get easy points. Greg Monroe and Andrew Drummond had good seasons last year and with the addition of Smith and Jennings, they will now have more room to score (when given the ball) as there are too many weapons to leave anyone open. Mo Cheeks has talent similar to the past powerhouse Pistons team and with no major expiring contracts coming up, has a few years to mold this into a championship team. Luckily, the Eastern conference is fairly weak past 5 or 6 teams, allowing this team to gain plenty of playoff experience for the next few years.

If things go poorly...

Jennings and Smith fight for touches too much, which then prevents Monroe and Drummond from getting the opportunities they need to spread defenses out. They will still have a good opportunity to make the playoffs, but they will simply be fodder for the top teams like the Heat, Bulls and Pacers in the East as a warm-up round. While expectations shouldn’t be high for this team to begin with, there is still enough talent for this team to get back to a winning record by the end of the season. 

PSD Predicted 2013/2014 W/L Record: 44 - 38