We continue with our analysis of Thunder needs and available players today with another look at the guard position, this time at Thunder nemesis and Timberwolves backup PG J.J. Barea. What the Thunder need: I believe OKC needs a better backup PG who knows how to both create his own shot as well as set up others. Reggie Jackson's development has been great, but he's not quite there yet and I'd like to see someone coming off the bench better capable of creating their own shot. Maynor is a known quantity, but has not yet regained his play from before he tore his ACL. If there is any fan base that's aware of J.J. Barea's potency off the bench and his ability to go on a vicious one man thrashing against an opponent, it's the Thunder. That's not to say he's among the best in the league, but he absolutely has his moments. Between tearing up OKC in the playoffs a couple of years back and putting up 14 points in the final quarter of a December matchup against the Thunder that snapped an OKC 12 game winning streak, the little man has proven he can play. While Reggie Jackson has done well enough to supplant Eric Maynor as the backup point guard, a talent upgrade in that spot wouldn't be a bad idea heading into the second half of the season. As of late, I'd like to see a little more ball movement and Barea would do a great deal to help out with that in addition to providing another scoring option off the bench. He's listed as 6'0" but I would swear he's more likely to be 5'8" or 5'9". Combine that with the fact that he has a five-head (not a forehead, but a five-head. It's large.) and you have one hell of a worthless but still kind of cool side bonus. He kind of looks like a bobble-head doll. He's also in a relationship with Miss Puerto Rico, which goes to show...something...unfair.