Our own Evan Sidery is hard at work doing some thorough breakdowns on potential free agents that the Colts should target in two weeks when the new league year begins. One of those targets is St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson. Jackson has spent his entire career in the Gateway City, and in all that time - amassing over 10,000 yards running the ball and scoring 64 total touchdowns - he has never played in a playoff game. This might be a reason why Jackson has opted to void the final year of his contract and will become an unrestricted free agent on March 12th. By voiding his deal, Jackson is leaving $7 million on the table in St. Louis. That should give you a slight hint as to how badly he wanted out of that organization. Plus, it was doubtful that the Rams were going to pay him that money in 2013. They might have asked for a pay cut, or simply released him. By voiding, Jackson leaves on his own terms. The question for us in light of this news is: Should the Colts try to sign Jackson? The simple answer is: HELL YES! But, at the right price and for the right reasons. Jackson is 29 years old, which means that in about two years - and I'm basing this off past history with other players at his position - he will likely be washed up as an NFL running back. Some think he already is. He's carried the ball 2,395 times in his career, which spans nine seasons. To provide some perspective, the great Edgerrin James wore down considerably after year nine in the NFL, carrying the ball 2,849 times by that point. In fact, year nine was the last time he ran for over 1,000 yards in a season. The major difference between Jackson and James is Jackson has not suffered a significant knee injury like Edgerrin did back in 2001. Jackson did have a knee issue coming out of college in 2004, but nothing compared to what James dealt with in 2001.