Yesterday we kicked off our initial evaluation of the Packers’ 2013 roster in style by looking at the quarterback position and followed that up with the running back position. Today we continue on the theme of offensive skill players by looking at a position group going through major changes: the wide receivers. This offseason the Packers are losing two of the most productive receivers in team history, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. Driver’s retirement is not unexpected and by itself does not set the team back too far. Driver’s skills have eroded, and while he can still play, his game is simply not where it was two or three years ago. Jennings is a different story though. Jennings is still in the prime of his career and has the ability to be one of the top five or top ten receivers in the game. All signs point to the Packers allowing Jennings to taste the open market, where some WR needy team will probably make him a very generous offer. The loss of Jennings may hurt the Packers more than we would like to admit. Jennings has always been a great route runner with excellent hands, and was one of the most dynamic playmakers with the ball during his time in Green Bay. These losses together represent a significant brain drain and talent drain that will impact this position group if actions aren’t taken this offseason.