Dom Capers may be the most controversial of all four of these coaches being reviewed this week, and it’s not hard to understand why this controversy surrounds him. The Packers’ defense ended the season on an ominous note, giving up the most rushing yards to a quarterback ever. Just as a reminder, that’s not just playoffs…I’m talking ever. This also happens to be the second year in a row where the defense suffered a high profile failure in the playoffs. Despite these rather glaring failures, Capers has also finished a season where he drastically turned around the Packers’ standing in key defensive statistics (such as yards per game, yards per play, points per game, and third down percentage) while dealing a litany of injuries. So in the final analysis do we look more at the improvements the defense had while playing third and fourth string players? Or do cut to the bottom line and see how when season was on the line the defense failed….again? Motivation/Discipline – D+ For the first two reviews the focus of this analysis fell mostly to penalties because there were not many indications of motivation issues one way or another. The defense did not suffer this, but a larger question looms this offseason….has Capers lost the locker room? After the embarrassing performance in San Francisco the Packers’ defenders were not in agreement in their assessment of the situation. On one hand, Charles Woodson came out and criticized a lack of adjustments in that game. On the other hand, Desmond Bishop has come out and said that Capers is a "great coach." It is not a good sign when a coach may have lost the respect of even some of his players. An offseason may help mend fences, but if the behavior of the Packer defenders after the 49ers game is any indication, these questions will linger.