It's is quite rare for two of the first three picks to come from the same team, but in all likelihood, it's about to happen at the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. Jonathan Drouin is expected to join Halifax Mooseheads linemate and projected first-overall pick Nathan MacKinnon at the top of Sunday's draft. While Drouin has been somewhat overshadowed, there was a period of time this year some wondered if he might be even better than MacKinnon (and some of us still think that). What makes Drouin special is his ability to handle the puck. He may be the best stickhandling forward in the draft since Patrick Kane, who Chicago took first overall in 2007. The wing was a pretty solid Robin to MacKinnon's Batman, when they were out on the ice together. However, even though Drouin is an elite playmaker and distributor, he scored 41 goals this season. Drouin says his favorite player is Pavel Datsyuk, and it's not hard to see why. As you'll notice in the video below, Drouin is somewhat of a human highlight reel, like his idol. Without comparing him to Datsyuk, because that would be inaccurate in terms of projections, Drouin has some similarities to the Detroit Red Wings forward when the puck is on his stick. MacKinnon is the better-rounded of the two players, but when it comes to offense, it's hard to ignore what Drouin can do. It seems the Tampa Bay Lightning, owners of the No. 3 overall pick, would be an ideal landing spot for Drouin. Perhaps one day soon he'll be setting up Steven Stamkos for one of those patented one-timers. We'll find out Sunday.