Everyone has an opinion on Jermichael Finley. There's no question that he's a supremely athletic, talented tight end, but there's also no question that he has not lived up to that potential. His status with the Packers appears very much undecided at this point as well, and many fans would be happy to see him go. I'll be up front with my opinion. Personally, I think his detractors focus too much on struggles from previous seasons and his off-the-field antics to see the value that he brings to the Packers on the field. I feel like every catch Finley makes is greeted with a sarcastic chorus of "Oh look, Finley actually caught a ball," which drives me crazy. In any case, I'm not here to discuss my opinion on the player, but rather try to look at the factors surrounding this polarizing figure and make an educated guess on whether or not he will be a Packer in 2013. A big part of the reason for this analysis coming at this time is Finley's interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published on Thursday. In it, Finley describes his feelings on staying in Green Bay: There's no doubt that I want to be (in Green Bay) for life. But it's a business and the business will tell you otherwise. I would say on the business front, it's 50/50. But if it was up to me or anybody in my circle, I would love to be back. As Finley correctly notes, it's not up to him at this point. His contract will be the deciding factor in his return to Green Bay (or his departure). Let's take a closer look at that contract for 2013 though. In 2012, Finley earned a base salary of $950,000, with a signing bonus of $1 million (spread out for cap purposes over the two years of the contract), a workout bonus of $300,000, and a roster bonus of $3.5 million paid on the 15th day of the league year (which would typically fall on March 15th). Totaled up, that equals a cap hit of $5.25 million for 2012.