Kevin Durant is a starter in the 2013 All-Star game once again. He will likely be joined by Russell Westbrook as a reserve. In the past, the outstanding question for one of the league's best teams was, could they get a 3rd guy into the game as well? Up to this past summer, the name of that 3rd guy was always James Harden. Well, Harden likely is going to be there, but not as a member of the Thunder. The question now becomes, does Serge Ibaka have a shot? The case for: Here is what Ibaka has going for him: Ibaka is the 3rd best player for the league's best team through half a season. By contrast, there is one team which is 7 games below .500 that is taking up two roster spots already. Ibaka has become a consistent scorer for the league's best offensive team. His points per game average has risen a full five points year-over-year, to 14.1 from 9.1 a year ago.