Jed Lowrie is the man at shortstop, as long as he is not traded, not injured, not recovering from mono or . . . For most of my life as a baseball fan, shortstop has been one of those positions (like catcher) where good defense is expected and good offense with a power component is a surprise. About the only exception in Astros history to this litany of Metzger, Reynolds, Ramirez, etal was the short lived comet called Dickie Thon. And one Mike Torrez ended any thoughts of the Houston club ever having a SS that was more Punch than Judy. The first half of Jed Lowrie's 2012 season made many of us believe that finally the Astros were going to have one of those rare power hitting middle fielders. At mid-season he had 14 HR's and seemed a shoo-in to shatter the nearly 30 year old Astros HR record for shortstops (Dickie Thon with 20 HR in 1983). Injuries, however, limited Lowrie to 90 games and 16 HRs in 2012. My thoughts coming into this Spring Training are that Jose Altuve, Jason Castro and Jed Lowrie are the best bets for locks in the everyday lineup this season. In researching the shortstop position for this article I came across nothing that would indicate this position is not Lowrie's to lose. But I did trip across some very odd stats relative to his 2012 season and their potential meaning for this season and down the road.