In the same way I was intimidated by writing Roy Halladay's preview back in March, I've been dreading writing his Exit Interview. I've spent time searching for positive things to say. Tried to find a way to make this funny or even just slightly amusing. But in the end, I figured honesty was the best policy. Roy Halladay's 2012 season was terrible. It both sucked AND blew. And that's not all. It was also alarming, worrying, and frightening. Man, I'm a little ray of sunshine! Halladay's season got off to a bumpy start in Spring Training when his decreased velocity led to some less than stellar performances. Ken Rosenthal suggested that Halladay was injured. I openly scoffed at that, and chose to believe Hallday's response, which was essentially "Injured? Me? No! No way. Pay no attention to that decrease in velocity. These are not the droids you're looking for."