2012 Salary: $4.55M (Arbitration) 2013 Status: Signed, $6.5M (2013-2014 Extension signed 4-2012) It's very odd to be talking about getting rid of a player that's not only signed through the next two seasons, but coming off what by most appearances another successful season. Cabrera batted .270/.338/.423 in 2012, good for a 115 OPS+, which coming from a shortstop is outstanding production. Asdrubal's offensive production suffered in the second half along with just about the rest of the club; he posted an OPS of .832 in first half, and only a .676 in the second half. He wore down as the season progressed, partly because for most of the season the Indians didn't have a credible backup. For several weeks Jack Hannahan was Cabrera's backup, and when Cabrera missed some time in late May, the Indians had to call up Juan Diaz from AA to fill in. Shortstop is a position the Indians haven't really had to worry too much about since they acquired Omar Vizquel 19 years ago. Vizquel manned the position from 1994-2004, Jhonny Peralta handled the position from 2005-2009, and Asdrubal Cabrera from 2009 to the present day. Sure, there's been complaints about those three players from time to time, but it never got close enough for a player to be outright benched. Peralta was moved to third in 2009 in order to improve the team defense; his bat was still good enough for him to get regular at-bats.