Saturday marks an important anniversary in local sports history. It will be 10 years since the Oakland Raiders let the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Super Bowl XXXVII to become NFL champions. True, former Raiders wide receiver and Hall of Fame finalist Tim Brown spent Wednesday backpedaling from his assertion that then-Raiders coach Bill Callahan sabotaged the game by switching game plans late because he hated the Raiders so much he wanted his friend Jon Gruden to win the big game, a motion seconded by none other than Jerry Rice. Too late, Tiny Tim! You're an idiot! Here we were, for 10 years, thinking the Bucs simply beat the ever-living silver and black out of Brown and his teammates, 48-21. "Some things don't deserve a response," Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks said. Or do they? Granted, who can forget the other teams that threw their championship games? I mean, isn't sports history one big Black Sox scandal? Remember Super Bowl III, when Colts coach Don Shula ordered Bubba Smith to play on his knees to give Joe Namath a better view of his receivers? And there was Lake Placid, 1980, when the Russians switched goalies against the USA just to show that Brezhnev who was boss. Do you believe in fixes? Yes!!! Tim Brown's bilge is more than sour grapes. It's certifiably insane grapes. Like the Bucs needed any help beating Oakland. Like Jon Gruden needed even a baby push to out-coach Bill Callahan.