The Oklahoma City Thunder do not appear to be in the business of trading for stars. Apparently, they’re much more interested in trying to land one in the NBA Draft.

That would explain why general manager Sam Presti has amassed, by far, the most draft capital in the history of the league. It’s a bold strategy, but if it pays off, it could revolutionize the way NBA teams opt to rebuild.

At the same time, there’s something to be said for flexibility. You can chart a course, but when a great shortcut presents itself, sometimes it’s wise to take it. Could Zion Williamson be that shortcut for the Thunder?

The New Orleans Pelicans won’t be trading him if they don’t have to. He could force their hand. Rumors of his discontent with the organization have persisted for almost his entire tenure there.

If he does demand a trade, few teams will be able to field as competitive an offer for him as the Oklahoma City Thunder, if any.

Here are two hypothetical examples of such offers.

New Orleans Pelicans Receive: F Darius Bazley, 2022 First-Round Pick (OKC), 2023 First-Round Pick (DEN), 2024 First-Round Pick (UTA), 2025 First-Round Pick (HOU/LAC)

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: F Zion Williamson

What’s really crazy about this package is that the Oklahoma City Thunder send out four first-round picks, and still walk away with the most draft capital in the NBA at their disposal.