For a long time this offseason, it was assumed that Myles Brennan would finally get his opportunity to lead LSU football after five seasons either injured, on the bench, or at times both. Then, with the arrival of head coach Brian Kelly from Notre Dame, shortly thereafter came Jayden Daniels, a transfer from Arizona State. Thus, along with rising sophomore Garrett Nussmeier, it appeared to be a three-horse race in the spring.

It seemed as though Daniels and Brennan pulled ahead in the early stages of fall camp for the Tigers, but in a shock turn of events, Myles Brennan decided to call it a day and retire from football. There then exists a power vacuum, with Daniels and Nussmeier now head to head for the starting job. However, there’s good reason to believe Jayden Daniels will come out on top, and here are two reasons why.


2. Power 5 Pedigree

As mentioned, Jayden Daniels arrived in Baton Rouge courtesy of Arizona State, where he played 29 games at a Power 5 level, tallying 6,025 yards, 32 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. That kind of game time at a high level is something Nussmeier can’t claim, with the sophomore only appearing in four games in 2021, and even Myles Brennan only appeared in 18 games for LSU football.