The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the more surprising teams so far in the 2021-22 NBA season. While the Cavs entered the season with a promising young core, many still felt it would take more time for them to become a playoff contender. However, this group is maturing rapidly and holds an impressive 13-10 record heading into Sunday’s showdown against the mighty Utah Jazz.

Despite a huge setback with the Collin Sexton injury and some other health issues, the Cavs are still winning games and look like they’re the real deal, using a unique big lineup to do it. Here are two reasons why Cleveland will keep winning and definitely make the playoffs.

Cavs playoff push

Consistency despite setbacks 

It needs to be said and understood that the Cavs are not a team of superstars, nor are they a threat in terms of winning the title. But they have a really promising group of young players, plus some veterans who can play, which is helping them finally have success after several awful years since the second departure of LeBron James.