With the downfall of the Los Angeles Lakers this season, many have been blamed. Frank Vogel got a ton of slack for not incorporating the summer additions well enough. Anthony Davis was critiqued because he was unavailable most of the time, due to injuries. Even LeBron James had some criticism thrown his way, due to the ever-present notion that he was the one who chose players that would be added to the roster. However, no one comes close in blame, according to most Lakers fans, to Russell Westbrook.

Thus, as there are reports of a possible Westbrook trade being discussed, here are the two ideal destinations for Lakers’ Russell Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook Trade destinations

Houston Rockets 

The latest team linked with the current Lakers guard is his old team, where he spent the 2019-20 season, the Houston Rockets. The Rockets most likely do not want to bring Westbrook back due to his wayward play, as they are rebuilding and Westbrook is not the same player he was before they pulled the trigger in 2019. However, the Rockets could get a massive problem off their books if they decide to go for the Westbrook trade. Of course, the problem is John Wall, who still has not featured for the Rockets this season.