The Los Angeles Dodgers are not just the class of the National League, but the best team in all of baseball. But is this Dodgers team destined to reach the World Series. As baseball fans know, the best team doesn’t always reach the Fall Classic… just ask the 2019 Washington Nationals. Even last season, the Atlanta Braves won it all and upset the Dodgers after winning only 88 regular season games.

Nevertheless, LA believes they will reach the World Series in 2022. But who are the 2 biggest threats standing in their way in the National League?


NL East-West rivals: Can the Mets shock the Dodgers?

The New York Mets are one of the Dodgers’ biggest threats without question. However, New York’s fairy inconsistent offense won’t be able to out-slug LA. Sure, Pete Alonso boasts elite power and the Mets have other impressive bats in the lineup.

But the reason New York is a threat to the Dodgers is because of Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer.

Having deGrom and Scherzer pitching back-to-back is historic. They are both two of the best pitchers the game has seen in quite sometime. It should be noted that deGrom and Scherzer have dealt with injuries in 2022. As long as they stay healthy, the Mets will have a shot at pulling off the upset.

Taking care of stars such as Trea Turner, Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman is nearly impossible. Having those players in the same lineup is equivalent to having deGrom and Scherzer in the same pitching rotation. The Dodgers’ bats will be in for a challenge if they face the Mets in a playoff series.