The Tennessee Titans have had a roller coaster of a season so far, but the machine seems to be picking up steam. The offense has looked amazing the last couple of weeks, while the defense needs help in the secondary. With the NFL trade deadline right around the corner, we take a look at a potential Titans trade that could happen.

How the Titans are playing right now, they have the potential to catch fire in the second half of the season and finish as a top team in the league. However, for that to happen, the pass coverage must vastly improve. Tennessee has dealt with numerous injuries and is utilizing a limited number of players in the secondary.

For that reason, we could see the Titans front office pull the trigger on a trade. There are a handful of options that could come to fruition. It’s important to note that Tennessee is going all-in on a Super Bowl run these next two years. So they might be willing to trade for a bigger named cornerback. With that said, here are two Titans trades that could happen before the 2021 NFL trade deadline.