Getting named the cover athlete of a sport's main video game is one of the higher honours a player can receive. Forget Wheatie boxes, it's all about getting endorsed by EA these days! Sure, some athletes may have their hesitations about Madden, but Chel's a different story. No curses or anything, just the pleasure of being the face of one of the biggest sports companies in the world for a year.


We're still a ways away from the time of year when EA Sports will name its next cover athlete but it's not too early to start considering who it might be. So with that in mind, let's take a look at who that group includes. For some it's too late but for others... there's still hope.



Sid the Kid has been the face of the NHL for years now and he could probably make this happen if he wanted to. But let's be mindful that he's a pretty superstitious dude and has never really been know for hogging attention. Maybe he'll eventually have a change in heart but it's starting to look like we may never see Crosby on the cover of one of EA's video games.


Count Geno as another Penguins star who hasn't cracked the cover. Malkin has been one of the NHL's best players for as long as hockey fans can remember and also happens to be one of the league's funnier personalities. He's getting older, but it's not too late!


Hank has been in the league longer than any of these names but still hasn't gotten the nod. The last tendy to brace the over was Martin Brodeur in 2014 so this one is looking unlikely. Lundqvist turned 38 on March 2.