More than 100 MLB players will donate their game-day salaries on Jackie Robinson Day to the Players Alliance's Breaking Barriers campaign, the nonprofit organization announced Wednesday.

Led by David Price, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Jason Heyward, the donations will help launch the Players Alliance x Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Fund, whose first class of recipients will come in the fall.

"On April 15, we honor Jackie Robinson as the first player to break the color barrier, a reminder there is still much work to be done in our game," former MLB All-Star and Players Alliance President Curtis Granderson said in a statement. "As The Players Alliance seeks to bridge the gap of racial inequity in baseball, we're encouraging players, on this date especially, to consider supporting the Alliance and our efforts to continue Jackie's legacy of breaking barriers."

This is the second consecutive year the Players Alliance will accept donations from MLB players on Jackie Robinson Day. In 2020, the group raised more than $1 million.