Loyalty isn’t found everywhere nowadays, especially when it comes to sports. Everybody wants to play for the winning team and in the bigger market, so after a couple of failed playoff runs or tough seasons, it’s normal to see superstars forcing their way out of their teams.

Even so, a handful of players has lived by their words of not leaving when things get tough. They go out there and compete every single night regardless of the rival, the outcome, or the stage; and let it be known that they would die for their team.

Those players become a huge part of those organization’s culture. They earn their stripes, and even if the team knows that it would be best for them to part ways with that player, they keep them around because they don’t want to leave. Today, we’ll talk about some of those players, letting you know about the top 10 stars that will never leave their teams.


10. Draymond Green

There were some rumors about the Golden State Warriors wanting to trade away Draymond Green to keep Kevin Durant around. Then, some said that Green and Steve Kerr weren’t getting along and that Draymond would be a good trade asset for another All-Star.

In reality, we just don’t see Draymond Green ever leaving the Bay. We’re talking about a player who took a massive discount to help his team’s salary-cap situation and someone that signed with Rich Paul but didn’t bail out on the team to join the Lakers as some speculated.

Draymond Green is the heart and soul of this current Warriors team and he’s talked about finishing what he started. He knows his number will be hanging in the rafters of the Chase Center and that he’ll have a statue outside of the Stadium.


9. Donovan Mitchell

Once again, rumors pointed out that Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert didn’t get along. They said that, if the Utah Jazz kept Gobert, then Mitchell would decline a contract extension or force a trade out of the mountains. Fast-forward to today, and they both signed big extensions.

Mitchell is a bit of an old-school kind of player. He blocks all the outside noise and only does what’s best for his team. He embraced a leadership role for the franchise from the very second he set foot on an NBA hardwood and has earned the respect of his peers.

Donovan Mitchell knows what it’s like to not be a highly-touted recruit or the most-talked-about guy in the league. He doesn’t care about praise or recognition and only wants to win, but win on his own terms. He’ll never force his way out.