The NBA is a league of constant movement right now, with many superstar players leaving their original teams and taking their careers into their own hands. This season won’t be any different, and there are quite a few players that either want to be traded or don’t fit into their teams.

Big names such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Russell Westbrook have found their homes this season, while superstar James Harden is still on the trading block. Where will The Beard end up? Where will some of the other top players in the NBA be playing as well?

Here are the 10 NBA stars that could leave their teams this season.


10. Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins might never become the player we all expected to be. As the No. 1 overall pick, Wiggins isn’t close to being a franchise player or even an All-Star. While he isn’t a bust, his career has been a bit disappointing. Still, Wiggins is one of the best athletes in the NBA and is averaging 19.7 PPG over his career. Unfortunately, his numbers are down to 14.7 PPG this season on a putrid 32.7% shooting.

Andrew Wiggins isn’t playing well in Golden State and the Warriors need an immediate replacement for Klay Thompson who will miss the entire season. Wiggins isn’t the answer for Golden State although he will still receive interest from many teams throughout the league.

9. Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is one of the most popular players in the NBA because he was so good when he became the youngest MVP in history in 2011. Rose is way past his prime but he still has some legs on him. Through 3 games, the former MVP is averaging 14.0 PPG and 5.0 APG during his first 2 games. Rose likely won’t be an All-Star but he can be a great sixth man or even start on some teams.

Rose brings a mix of playmaking and scoring which is valuable in today’s NBA. He doesn’t need a ton of shots although he can be trusted to make decisions on offense. At this stage of his career, Rose is best suited to play on a title contender who can use a hungry veteran that wants a ring.

8. Aaron Gordon

Gordon had a decent season last year by averaging 14.4 PPG and 7.7 RPG, but his impact could be greater on the right team. The Orlando Magic will likely make the Playoffs yet again this season and are sticking to their core of Nikola Vucevic and Markelle Fultz. Gordon could be a nice fit in Orlando but that isn’t likely.

Gordon will attract interest with the Knicks and Spurs, who could use a young athlete to make highlight reels and also help with their rebuild. Gordon fits on rebuilding squads but can also be useful on teams needing athleticism and scoring on the forward spots.

7. Zach LaVine

LaVine has taken jumps in his play this past season and is slowly developing into one of the better scorers in the league so expect teams to keep knocking on Chicago’s door. LaVine has had a hot start to this season by averaging 24.0 PPG albeit in 3 straight losses.

The Chicago Bulls won’t be any good this season as expected, and LaVine is too good to play on a poor team. The Bulls should cash in and trade LaVine to acquire some assets and picks because he is a very hot commodity around the league. LaVine will likely hover around 25 PPG again this season so Chicago should take advantage while he’s playing at a high level.