A draft pick is an asset and we will get to these teams to try and replenish their assets this Thursday at the 2021 NBA Draft. Teams will utilize their picks to try and find the next star. There might be other teams that bump up the excitement by pulling off trades on draft night.

Conducting trades is all part of the business. In the past, some teams have capitalized on young prospects, while others have regretted the decision even 50 years later. As draft day approaches, teams will try to not repeat some of the mistakes seen in history. These ten draft night trades were the biggest of all time.


Honorable Mentions

Rajon Rondo - 2006 NBA Draft

Suns Receive: 2007 First-Round Pick (used on Rudy Fernandez)

Celtics Receive: Rajon Rondo

The Suns had the No. 21 pick in the draft and used it to select Kentucky point guard Rajon Rondo. Phoenix traded Rondo to Boston for cash and a first-round pick, which was eventually used on Rudy Fernandez. However, the pick was sent to Portland for more cash. When all said it was done, Rondo was traded to get some money.

Rondo could have been the backup to Steve Nash at the time. Rondo, a two-time champion, is one of the best playoff performers in the modern era. He was the starting point guard for the Celtics’ championship team in 2008. Was the money worth it?


LaMarcus Aldridge - 2006 NBA Draft

Bulls Receive: Tyrus Thomas (Draft Rights), Viktor Khyrapa

Trail Blazers: LaMarcus Aldridge

In this trade, Chicago should have stuck to their gut. Instead of having Aldridge, who averaged 19.4 points and 8.2 rebounds in nine seasons, the Bulls had Thomas, who played for the team just 2.5 seasons before being traded to the Hornets. Aldridge made four All-Star appearances in Portland, seven for his career, and was a respected veteran.

From afar, Chicago had to watch the combination of Damian Lillard and Aldridge succeed. The team could have had Derrick Rose and Aldridge lead the Bulls. Combine that with Joakim Noah, this team would have been stacked.