There is still time to turn it all around but it’s impossible to deny the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers–Russell Westbrook experiment isn’t working out.

Westbrook’s first year with the Lakers has seen him averaging 18.5 points, eight rebounds, and 7.8 assists a game.

On paper, those don’t look like bad numbers.

But when you watch Westbrook in action on the floor, he is full of missteps, lazy defense, and a basketball IQ that is way lower than what we expected from him.

Some nights he’s really good but some nights he’s really bad and that inconsistency is heartbreaking for Lakers fans, especially when you see someone like LeBron James bringing it every single game.

The truth is the Lakers are stuck with Westbrook, he isn’t going anywhere.

There have been rumors about trading him but those are all pipe dreams and complete hogwash because of one main reason: Westbrook is far too expensive to be traded.


Ru$$ell Westbrook

The Lakers went all-in when they signed Westbrook in the summer.

This season, Westbrook is landing an incredible $44.2 million.