Without fail, fans of men's college basketball make some sort of "This is the weakest bubble ever!" complaint in late February or early March of every year.

In most seasons, it's just recency bias; we forget how nauseating it was to wade through the previous year's resumes in search of teams worthy of the final few spots in the field.

However, this year's bubble is openly inviting such proclamations by losing critical games over and over again.

Let's be sure to note off the bat that this was already destined to be the weakest bubble on record.

With the Ivy League opting out of the 2020-21 season, there's one more at-large spot available (37) than usual. Not only do more at-large spots need to be awarded, but there are also fewer major-conference candidates than usual with both Arizona and Auburn ineligible for the postseason. On top of that, the combination of the late start to the regular season and teams losing games to COVID-19 pauses means there are going to be teams who enter Selection Sunday with 20 or fewer games played, compared to 31 to 34 in a normal year.