It’s mid-November and the Lakers have hit a tough stretch. The losses are piling up. Lonzo Ball is struggling to make shots, can’t keep up on the defensive end against quicker point guards and his bid for Rookie of the Year is going up in flames. Uh-oh. Here comes LaVar Ball, and this time he’s not selling Big Baller shoes. He’s going after Luke Walton, generating a firestorm on social media and sending Laker-land into a frenzy. What, that can’t happen? Of course it can, and with LaVar’s grandiose expectations (he guaranteed the Lakers will make the playoffs this season), it would be kind of shocking if he didn’t have at least one run-in with his son’s new coach. As we’ve seen, when it comes to his three basketball-playing sons, LaVar operates by one rule: Father knows best. He never went after Lonzo’s coach at UCLA, Steve Alford, but he’s gone after his kids’ high school coach. Walton, entering his second season as an NBA head coach, is seen as fair game. In fact, there’s a prop bet in Las Vegas on how many games it will take LaVar to publicly criticize his son’s head coach. The number is set at 15 1/2, which is seen as high by some coaches who have heard LaVar over the past year take on Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, female sportscasters and a host of others. (In case you were wondering, Game 15 is a Nov. 15 home game against the Sixers, after Lonzo and the Lakers return from a four-game trip to Boston, Washington, Milwaukee and Phoenix.)