There was a familiar name mentioned often at the NFL combine Saturday as defensive linemen and linebacker prospects took the podium. Von Miller. Harold Landry, an edge rusher out of Boston College who is ranked by draft analyst Mike Mayock as one of top five prospects at his position, has drawn comparisons to the Broncos’ star because of his burst and flexibility. Landry led the nation in sacks in 2016 (16.5) and has a rare ability to bend under and around linemen to get to the quarterback — much like Miller. “Even to be mentioned in the same conversation as Von is an incredible honor. I would say there are three guys that I like to mold my game after,” Landry said. “Von’s ability to bend and just how versatile he is. He can do whatever his coaches ask him to do — drop into coverage, cover tight ends man on-man and his ability to bend the corner. Another person is Khalil Mack. I have been trying to implement that in my game the last couple of seasons and I think it is coming along well. And then we all know Vic Beasley is just a freak athletically and when it comes to working out, his goals are the ones I try and reach.” Bradley Chubb, a defensive linemen of out N.C. State who is regarded by some as one of the top three players in the draft, also cited Miller and Mack as his two biggest influences on the field.