Outfielder Tommy Pham had no apologies or regrets Saturday for his recent comments saying the Rays had "really no fan base,'' and said he was not concerned about any backlash.

Instead, Pham made a plea, albeit more politely, for more fans to support the team.

"When you’re a team of our caliber it would be nice - because I do envision us winning - to have more fan support at our games,'' Pham said during an appearance at the team’s Fan Fest at Tropicana Field.

"I’m appreciative for the fans that we do have. ... I do think it would be good for the team because a lot of these guys are young and they’ve never had the experience yet of playing in that kind of environment.''

Pham did often end enjoyed the benefits of doing so while playing four-plus seasons in St. Louis before being traded on July 31 to the Rays, who drew an average of 14,259. That comparison was the crux of his controversial comments in an MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM last December while he was playing winter ball in the Dominican Republic.