First there was the P.K. Subban tweet controversy, and then there was the “crap” as Claude Julien and Michel Therrien called it following Game 2 in Boston. Now we have Watergate Part II as the Montreal Canadiens defenseman alleges that somebody squirted water on his visor in one of his final shifts of the third period in the 4-2 win in Game 5 at TD Garden. This happened after Subban got into it with Milan Lucic earlier in the game, and the B’s power forward flexed his biceps like Hulk Hogan and chirped at the Habs blueliner from the Boston bench. So it was an eventful game with the water bottle incident as the closing chapter on Saturday night. Subban was asked if it was Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton, and the Montreal defenseman could only confirm that somebody most definitely squirted his face. “With Thorty [Shawn Thornton], I don’t know if it was him, but someone had squirted water twice at the end of the game in my visor,” said Subban. “I couldn’t even see for a minute and a half. I was pretty upset about that, but that is part of the game.” Thornton was at the front door of the B’s dressing room as soon as the media entered for interviews, but was gone by the time people realized that the water bottle incident had taken place. Claude Julien said he hadn’t seen it when asked about it postgame. “I didn’t see that. I’ve heard the same thing about that,” said Julien. “I don’t — I certainly don’t support those kinds of things, but I didn’t see it so I can’t comment more than that.” The CBC video feed showed a quick shot of Thornton’s hands on a water bottle as Subban skated by, but it’s difficult to see exactly what happened as the Montreal defenseman skated by the Boston bench. Clearly it’s not kosher in the NHL world to spray water in a player’s visor during a game at all, and it’s really inappropriate to do it while the puck is in play. The Montreal defenseman was asked a second time by the Montreal media if getting a water bottle squirt truly is a part of the game, and he expanded his answer. “I don’t know if it is part of the game. I am sure if that was me that did it, it would be a different story,” said Subban. “It would probably be on the news for the next three days. I don’t expect that to be a story but listen, whatever it takes to win. “You know what, maybe it didn’t [come from the B’s bench]. Maybe it was [NBC’s] Pierre [McGuire]. Maybe it was someone else in between the benches. I don’t know who it was. Listen, it’s not going to be bulletin board material in our room. You guys can talk about it.”