No one is freaking out over Eloy Jimenez’s rookie season the way they freaked out over Yoan Moncada’s first full season in the majors in 2018.

That’s likely because Jimenez isn’t striking out at a rate that will put him among the all-time single-season leaders. Moncada struck out 217 times in 2018 and earned that unwanted distinction.

Meanwhile, Jimenez has provided plenty of highlights, chiefly in the form of home runs, like the one he hit Saturday night against the visiting Oakland Athletics. Fittingly, they handed out Jimenez bobbleheads earlier in the evening.

But while Jimenez has sent crowds into frenzies with homers and earned his status as a bobblehead, it doesn’t mean there aren’t similarities to his first full season in the majors and Moncada's just a year ago.