The All-Star Game is over. The second half of the season resumes on Friday.

And while the Miami Marlins look to climb out of the National League cellar on the field, the front office will be busy over the next three weeks with the trade deadline quickly approaching.

Once again, the Marlins are expected to be sellers as July 31 approaches.

“We understand where we are organizationally,” Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill said. “I think we have some interesting pieces from an asset standpoint. We’ll just look to be as opportunistic as we can and maximize value for our assets knowing where we want to go.”

Who are those assets, specifically?

The main player to look at is relief pitcher Sergio Romo. The 12-year MLB veteran and three-time World Series champion has served as the Marlins’ closer this season, converting 16 of 17 save opportunities. The 36-year-old could fill any reliever spot for a contending team, from opener to setup man to closer.