Marcus Stroman doesn’t have a problem with the Blue Jays, he has a problem with the arbitration process. He also has no problem speaking his mind. Full team workouts won’t even begin until Monday, but Stro has been the show in the first week of spring training thanks to his lost arbitration case and subsequent tweets. Stroman and general manager Ross Atkins met Friday morning in Dunedin to clear the air, and both came away feeling confident there’s no fractured relationship to try to repair. “Me and Ross, we talked about it early this morning,” Stroman relayed. “There’s no bad relationship there. It’s something that I was frustrated with. I was upset.” He made it clear he wasn’t upset at the loss of $400,000 - the difference between his filing number of $6.9 million and the team’s arbitrator-accepted offer of $6.5 million — but instead the process. He’s not the first, won’t be the last. Heading to a hearing room to argue why your player isn’t as good as he thinks he is clearly a tricky process. According to Stroman, the Jays showed up to the date in Phoenix this past Monday with a booklet of negative info on their 26-year-old star, one who’s coming off a 3.09 ERA that wasn’t fully supported by advanced metrics with a 3.90 FIP.