Steven Jackson is entering his eleventh season in the NFL, but the three-time Pro Bowler will be making his rookie debut in Los Angeles next weekend. The Atlanta Falcons running back will premiere his first-ever photography exhibit, “Looking Forward: Running Back,” at the Hamilton-Selway Fine Art gallery in West Hollywood from July 17-20. While it’s Jackson’s first time showing his work to the public, he’s been taking pictures from his travels all over the world for the past eight years. “Every offseason I pick a region in the world and explore it for months at a time sometimes,” Jackson told For The Win. “Over my travels and these explorations I’ve been going on, I’ve been documenting with photographs and I was just using them for memory’s sake and my own personal use. One night I was having dinner with [artist] Michael Kalish and sharing some of my recent photos from China, Hong Kong and Japan. He asked me, ‘You’re really good at this, have you ever thought about sharing this with the world?’” Now entering his second year with the Atlanta Falcons, Jackson really caught the travel bug after his sophomore season with the St. Louis Rams in 2006. He says that’s he’s been to nearly every part of the world he’d like to see with the exception of several countries in North Africa and the Mediterranean area. His all-time favorite destinations include a safari trip to Botswana and an excursion to northeast Australia. As he began documenting his travels, he’s alternated his lens between natural landscapes, historic artifacts and the people who live in the places he visits. Unlike in the United States, where he’s often recognized as an NFL star, Jackson can often hide behind the camera overseas rather than be the object of them.