Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo, who is on the injured list because of a fractured hamate bone in his right hand, is expected to swing a bat for the first time in the indoor cage on Monday at Yankee Stadium. He could be swinging outdoors with the team as early as Tuesday.

The question is, once he starts swinging, how much longer will it be until he can return to Major League action? It depends on how the hand feels. Gallo said he currently has soreness and it still gets fatigued when he takes around 30 swings. He doesn’t have full grip on the bat while he is taking cuts right now, which means the power-hitting lefty still needs some time to recover.

“I would probably hit on the field for a little bit. I have to see live pitching and then go from there. I would assume a couple of weeks,” Gallo said. “I haven’t hit much in six weeks. I want to make sure that I can do that and play a full game”