In the early days of the Ben Simmons saga, there was one mock trade that many agreed to be reasonable on both sides. That was sending the former number one pick Portland in exchange for CJ McCollum. Multiple analysts tossed this idea around and considered it a win-win scenario. 

Fast forward a couple of months, and Simmons has still not been moved. Multiple teams have had reported interest in the three-time All-Star, but no offer has enticed Daryl Morey enough to get a deal done. 

With training camp just two weeks away, things are about to get messy. Simmons' camp has made it abundantly clear he will not be attending, and the Sixers do want this cloud hanging over their heads as they prepare for the regular season. 

Morey has remained focused on trading Simmons for a star, but none have become available. For a moment, it looked like Damian Lillard might be on his way to requesting a trade but ultimately opted to stay in Portland.