You won’t see one of his quotes carrying a story trending on Twitter. You won’t see him holding court in the VMAC auditorium, either. He isn’t an attention seeker. He doesn’t crave the spotlight. But that’s just Earl Thomas — the Seahawks’ best player. Sunday’s matchup versus Washington is going to be precarious for Seattle. It’s hard to call that defense “vaunted” without Thomas roaming around at free safety. Remember what happened when he broke his leg and missed the final quarter of last season? Aaron Rodgers and Carson Palmer tore the Seahawks’ secondary apart, which cost them the No. 2 seed in the playoffs and led to a dismantling at the hands of Matt Ryan and the Falcons. I’m not sure how many Seattleites would recognize Thomas walking the streets of our city. He doesn’t have the national profile of a Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman or Michael Bennett. But anybody who has been paying attention over the past few seasons knows how valuable he is to his team. The Hawks just aren’t the same without him — and I think Sunday will remind people of that.