Within hours of getting a new prescription to help him see clearly out of his left eye, Marc Rzepczynski couldn't see at all through his new pair of glasses. His vision, skewed in the morning, was back to normal that night. "I couldn't see Waino's jersey yesterday," Rzepczynski said, gesturing toward Adam Wainwright's No. 50 hanging about 15 feet away. "But it's clear today." Rzepczynski, who had his eye struck by a projectile while golfing a week ago, met with an eye doctor on Wednesday morning. During that checkup, he was fitted for a prescription that would help his eye see while it recovered from corneal abrasion and contusion. The new prescription sharpened his vision out of the eye -- for awhile. Within hours he could see clearer without the glasses, he said. "That was the worry," he said, "that there would be a permanent change of prescription. The next thing for me is to piptch in a game and have a ball come back my way." Rzpeczynski will throw a side session today -- sans prescription glasses, likely -- and is aiming to pitch in a game Friday.